What are you waiting for?


One characteristic that is present in most of us is to never be satisfied with life. Just look around, from the poorest to the richest, there is always something to be accomplished or something to complain.

“My job sucks, I need to work somewhere else…”

“This country is hopeless, I need to leave it asap…”

“I have an incredible idea, I need to put into practice…”

And there's nothing wrong about it. Wishing a better future for yourself is a basic requirement of being a human. The problem is what succeed these phrases.

“…but I don't have time”

“…but I don't know another idiom”

“…but I don't have money”

The fact is — most people have the ability to recognize what bothers them, but only few have the courage and determination to face those challenges.

The only thing that prevents you from achieving something is yourself.

Do you want to change jobs? So what are the main companies that you would like to work for? How many times have you interviewed in each of them? What kind of skills you need to learn in order to get that job? What books you are reading to fill that gap?

Do you want to live abroad? So how many days of the week are you investing to learn the language? How much money per month are you saving to pay moving costs? What type of visa do you need to live in that country? What documents do you need?

Do you want to invest in an idea? So how many hours do you dedicate on this project? What are you doing from 8pm until 2am? There are 6 hours that you could be working every day (only on that time frame). And about weekends?

I get it, we all have responsibilities, we all have bills to pay, and we all have people who depend on us. Nothing in life is easy and you know that very well.

But if for one second you stop being romantic and start being practical, you will notice that behind each excuse there is an alternative. Behind each goal, there is a series of tasks that could be done today.

So what is the excuse will you use now? What are you doing today that will lead you to achieve your goal tomorrow? What are you waiting for?