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Angel investing is how I help other startups to create amazing developer experiences. I'm excited to enable teams to grow and build world-class products.

What I invest in

I write small checks in developer-first startups. I prefer folks who are in early stages (think pre-seed or seed) and products that increase productivity, avoid task repetition, or unlock revenue potential.

What you get from me

I love helping with...

  • Product - being "user zero" for new features, providing feedback, and figuring out priorities.
  • Branding - building a company brand that developers love, admire, and get inspired by.
  • Recruiting - leveraging my personal network to attract talented engineers and designers.
  • Enterprise - sharing my experience moving upmarket (what works and what doesn't).
  • Open Source - defining a strategy that will help with monetization and hiring.

Who took my money

I've been grateful to work with these companies as an investor.

Let's chat

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