I made $5,428.91 in 3 days with a side project


72 hours ago I launched Dracula PRO.

It's been a crazy couple of days with tons of learnings.

Here are some thoughts and behind the scenes of this entire process.

Gumroad Sales Screenshot

Conclusion #1

The landing page is the main driver for revenue.

Spending a lot of time refining your message always pays off.

Gumroad Geographical Distribution Screenshot

Conclusion #2

Here’s the geographical distribution of traffic this week.

The US alone has 23% of total traffic, that’s important to know especially when it comes to distributing content at the right timezone.

Google Analytics Geographical Distribution Screenshot

Conclusion #3

I tried sharing on Reddit, Product Hunt, HackerNews, and IndieHackers.

Google Analytics Acquisition Screenshot

Even though they brought some traffic, Twitter still is the number one referral source.

Conclusion #4

  • Net Sales are $5,252.47 (after Gumroad fees, refunds, chargebacks, and affiliate fees);
  • Total Costs are $120.40 (Mailchimp, Typeform, etc);
  • Net Profit: $5,132.07

Spreadsheet Net Profit Screenshot

Staying lean is very hard, but I’m focused on maintaining the operational costs as low as possible.

Conclusion #5

Now I’m trying to think of ideas to keep the momentum going.

Any suggestions?