Hiring someone who doesn't know how to code


Last September, Brian came to me and said: “We need to find a ‘Robin’ for you”. I had a LOT of things on my plate so I loved the idea!

The only problem is that the person he recommended didn’t know how to code. We did the interview, his personality matched with our values, and so we decided to give him a shot.

He signed the contract and I started him on a program to learn how to code. At that time, I was traveling a lot so I couldn’t be around all the time to help him. The only thing I told him was to pick a project he cared about and use that as a playground for what he was learning — he had to do everything by himself.

It’s been 100 days now and he’s killing it! I’m super proud of his work and all props goes to him.

Programming is hard, very hard. But if you want to start learning how to code or if you’re in the process of it, I recommend checking his article.