Since I joined GitHub on Sep 14, 2010 I've been creating open source projects like there's no tomorrow. Several of them ended up being very easy to maintain but there are few which requires tons of energy.

Some of those projects are very important to the community and, in the last few months, I didn't have time enough to take care of them the way they deserve. So I needed to fix that.

There's this chinese proverb that says: you need to empty your cup if you want to try new tea. In other words, sometimes you need to stop giving attention to some stuff you did in the past, in order to achieve greater or just new things in the future.

In this mindset, I decided to "recruit" some of the best developers I know to be the official maintainers of these projects. They are going to discuss issues, review pull requests and implement new stuff. And here I am to announce them.

Browser Diet

Browser Diet

Browser Diet is a very special project for me, perhaps the most important that I led last year. It's now translated to 7 different languages and has more than 1,000 stars on GitHub which means that lots of people send pull requests and everything.

In order to keep it alive I invited Djalma Araújo, a friend who worked with me at Liferay and helps me maintain the project. He's a passionated developer and I'm sure he'll take good care of it.

Conf Boilerplate

Conf Boilerplate

When I first started this project with Bernard De Luna, we wanted to provide the easiest experience possible to create amazing conference websites. So we built this boilerplate and after couple months more than 20 events were using it.

We're very proud that it helped lots of people but there are still lots of things we can implement to make it even better and I'm sure Jean Carlo Emer will handle that.

jQuery Boilerplate

jQuery Boilerplate

Oh, my first open source experience. jQuery Boilerplate taught so many things, which makes very hard to let it go. However, me and Addy have been very busy with other projects like Yeoman and, so we really need help on this.

Helder Santana, an extremely good JavaScript engineer, will be the one responsible for that now. He's a talented guy, just like the others, with very good insights that can take the project to the next level.

Another project that needs attention is BrazilJS Foundation's website. Whenever you want to find out about what front-end events will happen in Brazil, that's the place you go. Not only that, latests news, podcasts and projects are featured there too.

To help the brazilian community even more we invited Diogo Moretti. He's been organizing events and contributing to BrazilJS's projects for a while. I'm glad we have people like him in the community.


Each one of those guys are developers that I trust and admire. I'm sure they will do a great job and I'm excited to see what's next for these projects.

The truth is, sometimes you just have to admit that you can't embrace the world and take care of everything by yourself. The hardest part isn't decide what to do with your time, but what not to do.