Discontinuing WeDeploy


One day you're creating a new project, another day you're ending an existing project. Like it or not, that's how life is.

Today it's time to say goodbye to WeDeploy.

This has been a crazy ride. I have so many good memories of this project. I remember the nights we spent at the office working non-stop, I remember when we came up with the name and called a random guy to buy the domain, I remember traveling to different countries and giving talks about it.

It's not easy to say goodbye to a brand we put so much effort to build, however, this journey is not over yet.

We pivoted from the startup/agency/solo-developer world to the enterprise market. Since last year we're investing a lot on security, stability, and scalability with our new offering, Liferay DXP Cloud.

Instead of wearing Crocs and traveling to developer conferences, now I'm wearing suits and traveling to business meetings. The challenges are different, but the energy is the same.

Thank you all for being a part of this!

Check the official announcement.