CodeCopy, my new browser extension

Apr 29, 2017

When I created clipboard.js I just wanted an easy way to add "copy to clipboard" buttons on my sites. I decided to make it open source and suddenly, thousands of people adopted it worldwide.

Although I'm super happy with the result of that project, there are still big sites that I don't have control over which I would love to have that same functionality.

Sometimes I'm scanning a GitHub README and I just want to copy a "npm install something". Or maybe I'm trying to answer a StackOverflow question and I need to copy and debug locally a piece of code that someone shared. No matter what it is, we all have those situations where we need to copy some code from somewhere.

With that in mind, I decided to create a browser extension that adds a copy to clipboard button on every code snippet. It's very simple, yet super useful.

Install now

Supported sites

At the moment I'm writing this post, it works with GitHub, MDN, Gist, StackOverflow, StackExchange, npm, and even Medium.

If you want to add a new site, feel free to recommend it at :)


In case you're curious, here's how it looks.

And that's all

I hope this small, little project makes your life easier!